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Identity Card

Established: March 2003

Legal status: Foundation

Governance: Board of Directors,Chairperson, Secretary General, Scientific Director, Scientific Committee, Board of Auditors

Intervention areas: Europe (mainly Central and Eastern Europe countries)


UniCredit Foundation is a non-profit corporate foundation, as further testimony of the Group’s engagement in the promotion of a well-structured set of principles which are the basis of its corporate identity. UniCredit Foundation is entirely financed by the Group and it is an independent legal entity with a Board of Directors.


UniCredit Foundation is engaged in promoting the culture of modern corporate philanthropy, as well as of civil commitment, donation, voluntary work and is also engaged in sustaining the best talented students and researchers in the fields of economics and finance. The Foundation offers itself as a bridge between the employees of UniCredit– who are interested and willing to direct their energy and skills toward personal social engagement – and the needs of the target communities.


UniCredit Foundation is also interested in deepening the theme of social economy, with a particular focus on the meaning of business philanthropy and, more in general, on the relationship between for profit and non-profit.

Data Synthesis

Overall allocation of funds (%)

The allocation of funds for the year 2017 shows that 48.2% of the resources were used for the design, implementation and management of UniCredit Foundation projects in Central and Eastern Europe, in Austria, Germany and Italy.

37.4% of funds were allocated to activities that the Foundation proposed to UniCredit employees through the Employee Community Involvement initiatives.

12.4% of the funds were used to cover general administrative costs.

Finally, a specific item is recognised relative to costs incurred for the monitoring of the individual projects, accounting for 2% of the Foundation balance sheet.


For further information, please download the 2017 Annual Report of UniCredit Foundation