Merger Plan

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26 January 2018 - The Board of Directors of UniCredit SpA - as founder of UniCredit Foundation - approved, on January 9, 2018, the amendments to the Statute deriving from the merger by incorporation of UniCredit & Universities Foscolo Foundation into UniCredit Foundation.


Following this merger, which will take effect with the approval of the competent Authority, the incorporating Foundation will take the name of "UniCredit Foundation - Fondazione di studio in onore del Cavaliere del Lavoro Ugo Foscolo", in short "UniCredit Foundation".


With this incorporation, the intention is to integrate the activities of the two Foundations,  preserving the goals through rationalization management and optimized organizational aspects.


The Foundation will continue to pursue social and humanitarian goals in the areas of humanitarian assistance, health care, environment, professional training and education. Moreover, the merger will promote and support studies aimed at deepening the knowledge of economic, financial, legal, political and social disciplines; the Foundation will also award prizes, scholarships and research grants, introducing and supporting initiatives in the university environment.