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The Governing bodies of the Foundation are:

  • the Board of Directors;
  • the Chairman;
  • the Secretary General;
  • the Board of Auditors;
  • the Scientific Committee.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors approves objectives and programs of the Foundation proposed by the President, and examines its overall operating results.

The Board of Directors is composed by :


Maurizio Beretta – Chairman

Franco Bruni – Deputy Chairman

Giorgio Barba Navaretti – Director

Laura Kristina Orlic – Director

Serenella De Candia  – Director

Erik F. Nielsen – Director

Anna Maria Tarantola – Director

Giovanni Toniolo – Director

Carlo Vivaldi – Director


The Chairman

The Chairman is the legal representative of the Foundation before third parties, sees to the relations with authorities, institutions, private and public enterprises and other organizations, also for the purpose of establishing cooperation relationships and support for the various initiatives of the Foundation.

The current Chairman is Maurizio Beretta.


The Secretary General

The Secretary General is nominated by the Chairman and appointed by the Board of Directors. He ensures the execution of the resolutions of the Foundation's Board of Directors and reporting back to the Board on the provisions adopted and the results achieved.

The current Secretary General is Giannantonio De Roni.


The Board of Auditors

The Auditors’ Committee is the accounting body of the Foundation and supervises the financial management of the Foundation, verifies that the accounting records are correctly kept, examines the draft budgets and financial statements, prepares the relevant reports and makes cash inspections.

The Board of Auditors is composed by:

Giorgio Loli – Chairman
Elisabetta Magistretti –  Standing Member
Michele Paolillo –  Standing Member

Claudia Cattani – Substitute Member

Valerio Villoresi – Substitute Member


Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee, in its sole discretion, draws up the rankings   of the candidates in order of merit for any scholarships, prizes and research grants set up by the Foundation's Board of Directors.


The Scientific Committee is composed by:

Marco Pagano  - Chairman

Klaus Adam
Silvia Giannini
Tullio Jappelli
Levent Kockesen
Eliana La Ferrara
Christian Laux
Catherine Lubochinsky
Massimo Motta
Giovanna Nicodano
Branko Urosevic


The Scientific Committee is assisted by a series of scientific consultants who are, from time to time, tasked with evaluating specific initiatives that require scientific knowledge. At the end of 2018, the Foundation had eight scientific consultants, namely: Guido Ascari, Orazio Attanasio, Matthias Doepke, Elsa Fornero, Barbara Petrongolo, Michele Polo, Paola Profeta and Josef Zechner.


All Bodies of the Foundation are in office as of 5 March 2018 with the exception of the Secretary General and the Scientific Committee, in office as of 21 May 2018.


Updated to 1/05/2019