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UniCredit Foundation was set up in 2003 as a corporate foundation of UniCredit and as testimony to the work done by the Group to promote a comprehensive set of values that form the basis of its corporate identity.

Through corporate philanthropy, the Foundation intends to contribute to the growth of the community it works in, promoting the processes of social cohesion against a complex backdrop of inequality, need and transformation that characterizes modern society. With this objective, UniCredit Foundation undertakes to promote long-term initiatives, to seek innovation in different areas of social action and to construct effective, lasting partnerships with non-profit organizations.

In line with European strategies for economic and social development, the Foundation supports actions and players representing the social economy, which combine charity work with market principles to provide an ongoing response to the need for welfare services in the community, while simultaneously creating employment.

Finally, as the only non-profit organization in UniCredit specializing in philanthropy and the social economy, UniCredit Foundation promotes and organizes participatory and advisory activities within the Group on the issues of solidarity and social investment, to the benefit of everyone at UniCredit.


UniCredit Foundation operates through the implementation of the guidelines every three years. Click here to download the Guidelines 2015-2018