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UniCredit Foundation aims to be a modern and efficient Corporate Foundation, able to generate a positive impact across all countries in which it operates, thanks to a targeted focus on specific areas of intervention and the careful selection of projects.

UniCredit Foundation wants to make synergies its keystone: internal synergies, to encourage maximum development of knowledge and experiences, and external as factors that multiply the impact and the value of its initiatives.

In this way, the Foundation can make a significant and well-recognised contribution to the overall engagement of UniCredit in the social sphere.

Within the scope of the objectives defined in the Articles of Association (art. 2), the Foundation's Board of Directors has established the following priority areas for the three-year period 2019-2021:
With reference to social and humanitarian activities, in the next few years UniCredit Foundation will give priority to investing in to support of  children (0-18 years old).

In the field of Study and Research Support, particular attention will be paid to promoting initiatives capable of  that encourage ing the return of the best young economists in Europe.

All the initiatives promoted by the Unicredit Foundation are implemented primarily within the geographical scope of the Group.