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... The Board of Directors approved, pursuant to article 2501-ter et seq. of the Civil Code, the plan for merger by incorporation of "UniCredit & Universities Fondazione di studio in onore del Cavaliere del Lavoro Ugo Foscolo" into "UniCredit Foundation" ... More›
... It's now available the latest edition of Our Joint Efforts collection of solidarity experiences contributed by UniCredit colleagues participating in UniCredit Foundation's Gift Matching Program that supports the non-profit projects of local and international organisations ... More›
... It's now available the 2017 first half year media coverage of UniCredit Foundation ... More›
... It's now available From Challenges to Opportunities, the publication born from the long term partnership among by NESsT Romania Foundation, UniCredit Bank, UBIS Romania and UniCredit Foundation ... More›
... UniCredit Foundation's new offices ... More›
... The project RAISE among the European best practices ... More›
... It's now available the 2016 first half year media coverage of UniCredit Foundation ... More›
... NESsT Romania Foundation, UniCredit Foundation, UniCredit Bank and UBIS Romania, launched "The Power of Social Enterprise - Bringing Dignified Jobs and Income to At Risk Communities". ... More›
... Gift Matching Program 2015: the results ... More›
... UniCredit Foundation, in collaboration with UniCredit & Universities Foundation, University of Verona promoted the Research Grant "Gianesini Fund" 2016 ... More›