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Date: June 17, 2013

The Naples 2.0 event included a presentation of the two competition-winning projects, which will receive a total grant of around €300,000 over the coming two years. The grants—the actual prize for the competition—were awarded to:



- Roots Discovery Association: for a project aimed at improving accessibility to the archaeological area around the Roman baths at Fuorigrotta, which date from the second century AD. This project is being run in partnership with the University of Naples Federico II. In addition to making better economic and cultural use of this extraordinary historical heritage site, the project is also intended to develop a model for managing archaeological sites.



- La Kumpania Social Enterprise: for a project that involves running a catering service and a restaurant at Scampia managed by Roma and Neapolitan women that, through the common language of food, aims to promote a unique socio-cultural partnership.





“The two winning projects were selected following an exhaustive process. Both offer innovative solutions to problems that are endemic in Naples today. These projects will help not only to solve the domestic and professional problems of the people involved in implementing them, but also to create new models that can be reused in other situations, helping to resolve longstanding contradictions in the development of our country,” explained Maurizio Carrara, Chairman of UniCredit Foundation


The morning session opened with a round table on the issue of social innovation and the impact on tackling “challenges” related to certain local issues. It was also an opportunity to publicise the two social enterprises that represent one of the key local outcomes of the Social Innovation Competition, and to present the final publication.



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