Romania - awarded the winners of the project "The Power of Social Enterprise"

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Date: October 02, 2018
Romania 2018_premiati piccola

Bucharest, 2nd of November 2018 – UniCredit Foundation, in partnership with NeSSt Foundation, UniCredit Bank Romania and UniCredit Services Romania, rewards the winners of the "The Power of Social Enterprises – Strategic Financial and Capacity Building Support Program for High Impact Social Enterprises in Romania” competition.


The three winners of 15.000 euros grants each are:


·         The “Curtea culorilor” Association - a cheese factory that produces 10 different varieties, according to Italian recipes: Sarbova, Tomasar, Tondello, Caciotta, Caciotta with flavours (pepper/chilli/caraway), Fresh, Baked, Ripe Ricota and Strachino.The purpose of the association is to provide housing, human, cultural and professional training to young women without a family.

·         MamaPanBakery– a bakery that produces sourdough bread and healthy artisanal pastry (without industrial yeast, from additive-free flour, without preservatives, additives or flavor enhancers), as well as bread and pastry for special diets (gluten or sugar-free diet). The business provides qualifications and jobs for women from economically and socio-professionally vulnerable groups, single mothers, Roma women who did not have access to education or dropped school and who are in difficult life situations.

·         Cosânzeana – a social business which produces creative sets of sewing on wood and decorative objects hand-stitched on wood.The mission of the organization is to inspire people in the city to keep the tradition of sewing and, at the same time, create decent jobs in the village in particular for long-term unemployed mothers.


Additionally, MamaPan Bakery receveid another 5.000 euros prize, within „Your Choice, Your Project” initiative, throughout which the UniCredit Group employees voted their favourite social business.


In addition to the grants received, the three companies will benefit from a business incubation support and mentoring offered by NESsT and UniCredit specialists for one year.


The project "The Power of Social Enterprise" is part of a consolidated experience that sees Unicredit Foundation, UniCredit Bank Romania, UniCredit Services Romania and with NESsT Romania Foundation collaborate together since 2012.