Social Innovation tender in Hungary: the results

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Date: January 16, 2014

UniCredit Foundation and UniCredit Bank announced the winners of the “Social Innovation” tender on the 16th of January, 2014: three Hungarian organizations will be granted with prizes totaling EUR 60,000.  Based on the jury’s decision, the first prize was awarded to Habitat for Humanity Hungary, whose project aims to help individuals living in extreme poverty to improve their housing conditions. The second prize went to the foundation Munka-Kör Alapítvány, which seeks to improve employment opportunities for individuals with hearing disabilities. Snétberger Foundation, the recipient of the third prize, operates an educational project that promotes upward mobility among disadvantaged Roma children.  A common feature shared by all projects is that they use novel approaches in order to mitigate the economic deprivation of various vulnerable social groups in sustainable ways.

The key objective of the call for grant proposals jointly published by UniCredit Foundation and UniCredit Bank Hungary was to improve long-term economic opportunities for underprivileged social groups in a sustainable manner.

 “It is not a coincidence that each of the three grant recipients provides assistance to disadvantaged groups in its own unique way, including improving housing conditions for those living in extreme poverty, supporting individuals with disabilities, and helping talented young people launch a professional career in the music industry. We believe that social assistance is another area where there is a great demand for diversity, new perspectives, and creative solutions rooted in the actual situation and particular opportunities of the affected individuals and communities,” said József Sipos, Managing Director of UniCredit Bank.

It is essential to cooperate with partner organizations that have considerable experience in the development of projects addressing marginalized communities and vulnerable sectors of society. The aim of our Foundation, here in Hungary as well as in all the other European countries in which we operate, is to create long-term value interventions that can support processes to include disadvantaged people, through the instrument of social innovation” said Maurizio Carrara, Chairman of UniCredit Foundation, at the award ceremony.

Beyond the grant already awarded to them, the three recipients will be able to participate in a second round set to take place in October 2014, during which the employees of UniCredit Bank will be asked to select the best project based on a review of initial results and reports. The winners will be awarded a second non-repayable grant totaling EUR 6,000 this year.