Bosnia and Herzegovina - Empowering the breakthrough generation

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In 2017, UniCredit Foundation renewed its commitment to the Mozaik Foundation's Strategy project, Empowering the breakthrough generation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in support of young social entrepreneurs. This was developed through a detailed program providing technical and financial support through the promotion of social enterprises, both as a means of individual activation and growth and as a lever for innovation and development of the3 local area. Created in 2000, Mozaik Foundation is now a reference point for the social economy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as being known as one of the major actors in the European Third sector. With the objective of supporting the development of social enterprises, UniCredit Foundation began cooperating with the Mozaik Foundation in 2012.


The most recently financed project, known as Strategy, has a ten-year timeframe (2015-2025) and was developed by the Mozaik Foundation on the basis of previous experience and analysis of the context and requirements. In fact, unemployment in the country continues to be one of the highest in Europe (38.81%, figure from the national statistics agency, updated in November 2017).


So, as occurred with the first cycle in 2016- 2017, UniCredit Foundation will also support the execution of the 2017-2018 cycle in relation to its four main objectives. At present four social enterprises have been selected to participate in the program.

  • Play Learn Grow. This organisation was founded in the municipality of Tešanj (in the Northwest of the country) and it designs and produces playing cards used to help the cognitive development of preschool and elementary schoolaged children. The cards are also produced in the Cyrillic alphabet so as to support widespread circulation. There are two versions of the game: the basic model and the advanced one. The first was distributed free of charge, so that it would also be available to the most needy members of the population.
  • Steady Hand. The objective of this new social enterprise is to assist the elderly in three different areas of the country: Bosanska Krupa, Bihać and Cazin. Improving domestic life is the main goal of the project, which is developed by providing support for housework and offering night-time caregiving.
  • Agrorevolution. The objective of this start-up, based in Cazin, is to produce high quality beef, involving all producers in the local production chain in the process and thereby contributing to decreasing unemployment in the area.
  • Superwoman. This social enterprise operates within the municipality of Zvornik, an area with one of the highest unemployment rates in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project is aimed at women who are over 40 with low levels of education. The aim is to guarantee opportunities for income, offering employment through cleaning services. The Mozaik Foundation's program and its activities to select and incubate projects take place throughout the year, with the objective of progressively increasing the number of social enterprises supported in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Samira Nuhanović-Ribić, Social Business Incubator Director, Mozaik
"Our program is intended to give power to young people who want to start a social enterprise. With one special characteristic: we believe that the key is to create an appropriate ecosystem for the entrepreneur and develop that before the enterprise."