Italy - UniCredit Carta E 2013 Call for Proposal: Social Cohesion Strategies for third Age

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Similarly to the 2011 edition, the third edition of the UniCredit Carta E call for proposals was dedicated to the elderly, while the 2012 edition was dedicated to young people.


The call aims to promote projects that help the families of elderly people, who are partially or completely non self-sufficient, by providing support in tackling loneliness, fostering active participation in favour of communities and the development of new forms of social housing.


The Scientific Committee of the call for proposals, coordinated by UniCredit Foundation in collaboration with the Bocconi University of Milan, assessed 348 projects and identified seven winners.


The projects that won the contribution awarded by UniCredit are:

  • Vedogiovane Coop. Soc., for the project “Condominium Caregiver” – Novara and Borgomanero
  • Fondazione Martinelli, for the project “The Decentralized Hospice: the other Baggina: new ways of living and a support network for the elderly and the entire community” – Milan
  • Associazione Neuropsiche, for the project “Us to You: Specialized home support and home adaption service for the management of people with dementia and to ensure they are able to be self-sufficient to the best of their abilities” – Vicenza
  • Auser Florence, for the project “Solidarity Living” - Cascina, San Miniato, Castelfranco di Sotto (FI), Santa Croce sull’Arno (PI), Monsummano Terme (PT)
  • Soccorso Clown Coop. Soc., for the project “Action for the Elderly” – Rome
  • ANTEAS Cosenza, for the project “Solidarity Vegetable Gardens” – Cosenza, Rende and Castrolibero
  • Corallo Coop. Soc., for the project “Sweet Home” – Siracusa, Lentini, Carlentini and Francofonte

Thanks to the monetary contributions raised through UniCredit “Carta E” – a UniCredt group credit card that destines a 2 per thousandth of all payments made with the card to a fund in support of solidarity projects and initiatives – each of the winning projects will receive 60 thousand euros.


Moreover, during the course of 2014, a special version of ‘Your Choice, Your Project’ has been open for the first time to clients of the Group: the jackpot was 80,000 euros to be divided among seven projects proportional to the results of the vote. Click here to discover more