Bando UniCredit Carta E 2015

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Social cohesion strategies for the elderly


In the context of the Call for Tender UniCredit Carta E 2015: Social Cohesion Strategies for the Elderly”, UniCredit Foundation awarded a total of €500,000 between the 7 non profit organisations that presented the best projects to support the elderly.

€80,000 was divided proportionally, thanks to the “Your Choice, Your Project” initiative. As for previous editions of the Call for tender UniCredit Carta E, the projects received were examined and selected by the Ethics Charter Committee within UniCredit, in collaboration with CERGAS - Center for Research on Healthcare Management of Bocconi University in Milan.

These were the 7 winning projects

  • Resto a casa (Azimut Cooperativa Sociale di  Solidarietà di Novi Ligure): experiment involving the “caregiver for the condominium” formula.
  • Condominio solidale (Piccola Casa Federico  Ozanam di Como): improving the residential and relational context for a neighbourhood in Como, through shared activities, services and relationship networks. 
  • Housing sociale (Consorzio Sol.Co. Verona): initial social housing experiment for low-income senior citizens.  
  • Abitare solidale (Auser Volontariato Marche di  Osimo): pilot project for supportive co-habitation aimed at low-income senior citizens. 
  • Nonni protagonisti (Cooperativa Sociale Nuova  Era Onlus di Latina): the elderly playing a leading role in volunteering initiatives that support intergenerational involvement. 
  • Nonno è bello! (Figli in famiglia Onlus di Napoli): involvement of non-self sufficient elderly people in Naples, promoting an active role in society. 
  • Attivare la mente (Associazione Alzheimer  Paternò): support for elderly people affected by neurodegenerative diseases and for their families.