Alzheimer Caffè

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Since 2011, UniCredit Foundation has supported the initial start up and implementation of Alzheimer Cafés in Italy, giving life to a number of successes that have created roots in the local areas and developing significant expertise in providing assistance to those suffering from Alzheimer’s. In this context, thanks to the assistance of GRG (Geriatric Research Group) in Brescia, last year UniCredit Foundation issued a tender to select twenty non profit entities to participate in the second theoretical/practical training course, free of charge, to develop the technical/ management skills necessary for an Alzheimer Café.

GRG is a non profit association. Its scientific research is directed by Professor Marco Trabucchi. The organisation has worked since 1988 to translate the most recent results from scientific research into concrete clinical and organisational instructions to be used in the daily life of the elderly and those who work with them.

The course, which saw the participation of 20 organisations coming from all over Italy, was held in Milan in June and provided concrete skills and tools for the management of an Alzheimer Café, from a medical, psychological and therapeutic point of view, as well as covering administrative and financial aspects to ensure long-term sustainability.


Giovanna di Soccio, Director, Il Caffè di Enrichetta

“The Alzheimer Café opened in Campobasso offers a response to the issues of regional services currently blocked by the healthcare deficit, which sees the Molise region currently dealing with a strict repayment plan”.