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In 2018, UniCredit Foundation confirmed its support for JOBLINGE, a project actively supported by HypoVereinsbank (HVB) and many large German firms, whose employees themselves are involved as mentors.


JOBLINGE is a German initiative born out of collaboration between the private, public and social sectors and dedicated to the integration of disadvantaged youngsters into the job market. It combines a wide range of training and support activities, promoting the natural talents and skills of programme  participants, to allow them the opportunity to undertake professional apprenticeships with the aim of achieving stable employment.


The organisation operates according to a system of social franchising, the  central HQ allowing local offices to use the brand and operational model. More than 26 offices (some of which have opened in recent years with the support of UniCredit Foundation) are located all across Germany with a growing staff of more than 130.

The collaboration between UniCredit Foundation and JOBLINGE started in  2012 and has grown over the years. In 2017-2018, UniCredit Foundation renewed its commitment to the initiative with a project to support the new organisational structure of JOBLINGE, deemed necessary to manage the organisation’s rapid growth in recent years.
In particular, the project has supported dedicated training programmes for staff across the organisation’s various bases, to ensure continuous quality in assisting the young participants.


During the course of 2018, with the support of UniCredit Foundation, more than 30 different training courses took place, for almost 300 hours of training involving 200 participants. The training courses focused particularly on the organisation’s new managers, in light of the arrival of new resources and employees following the recent opening of new regional branches.