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Ten years of “Open Rehearsals”: this milestone was reached with the latest edition of “Open Rehearsals” by the Filarmonica della Scala, an established and recognised model that allows for communication between public and private institutions and non-profit associations.


An initiative that, by using music as a sharing device, has seen more than one million Euros donated over ten years in support of socially useful projects, involving 37 Milan-based non-profit organisations. A result that proves how “Open Rehearsals” does not just involve citizens, but also the musicians of the Filarmonica della Scala, great conductors of the calibre of Chailly, Gardner, Harding and Myung-Whun Chung, guest soloists and the world of Milanese non-profits.

The success “Open Rehearsals” has achieved over these years is clear from the large crowds that attend and the continuous increase in customer loyalty, every evening proving to be a sell-out (in 2017-18 7,907 spectators attended
and 1,319 books of tickets were sold; a formula by which customers buy tickets for all events in one package). As is now tradition, the 2018-2019
season comprises five events, the first of which is free of charge and dedicated to the city.

The inaugural rehearsal is for the opening concert of the Filarmonica Season, open to people supported by the social services of the City of Milan, who were able to assist to the preparation of the concert conducted by Riccardo Chailly, free of charge.


The subsequent events provide the public with the opportunity to go to the Teatro alla Scala at a reduced price (tickets cost between € 5 and € 35) and be part of an important charitable project at the same time “Open Rehearsals” allows the public to enjoy a form of musical culture otherwise difficult to access, and is an opportunity for many people to preview the fine-tuning of a great concert and to go to the Teatro alla Scala at reduced-cost.

All proceeds from ticket sales go to four non-profit organisations. This is thanks to collaboration between the Filarmonica della Scala, the City of Milan, main partner UniCredit and the support of UniCredit Foundation, which identifies the target area and non-profit beneficiaries each year, as well as covering the organisational costs.



In 2018, the decision was taken to support initiatives relating to children in difficulty. Below is a brief profile of the pre-selected organisations and projects.

Fondazione Arché Onlus

Corte di Quarto is Fondazione Arché’s new project, a supportive village that supports the CasArché community with a building comprising 14 housing units, to provide mother-child families with a semi-autonomous living arrangement, and
communal spaces for activities connected to the area, Quarto Oggiaro, on the outskirts of Milan. Thanks to the support of “Open Rehearsals”, a play area is to be built inside the garden for the children of Corte di Quarto and CasArché.

Fondazione Casa della carità Angelo Abriani Onlus

In September 2017, in the Cimiano district of Milan, on the top two floors of the Suore del Preziosissimo Sangue di Gesù school, the Casa della Carità opened La Tillanzia, a space designed to host 40 women and children, Italians and foreigners, who find themselves in a difficult situation.

La Tillanzia, also supported by “Open Rehearsals”, aims to be a home, a warm and welcoming safe place where women and children can continue their everyday lives, made up of family time, school, study, play and much more.

Associazione L'abilità Onlus

For twenty years, the association has guaranteed disabled children’s right to play and have fun. Playing is important, helping children to grow, spend quality time with their parents, understand the world and test their abilities. Children with disabilities need a lot of help to adapt to the concepts of playing, having fun and spending time with others. This is why it is important to create suitable spaces and time-frames, using toys and materials that suit the needs of each child. Spazio Gioco is a daily educational service for children from 2 to 11 who have a range of different disabilities. A new playground has recently been opened in the Isola district of Milan.
Thanks also to the support of Open Rehearsals, the Spazio Gioco, that now has 65 children in attendance, will be available to a further 15 children next year.

Fondazione L'aliante Onlus

Fondazione L’aliante Onlus Fondazione L’aliante was created in 2000 to offer support to youngsters in difficulty and their families. For two years now, L’aliante has also had a Therapeutic Community, or rather an accredited health structure to treat mental and/or behavioural disturbances of 8 adolescents aged between 12 and 18.
With the support of “Open Re hearsals”, L’aliante intends to expand its laboratory experience and its potential in a developmental and therapeutic sense. The artistic/expressive, physical and cognitive laboratories, aimed at users of both the Day Centre and Therapeutic Community, are led by professional educators and specialised technicians from both within and outside the structure.