Italy - Call for tender UniCredit Carta E 2017

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On 22 May 2018, the 2017 “Call for tender UniCredit Carta E - Social cohesion strategies for young people” competition prize-giving was held, launched by UniCredit Foundation to support non-profit organisations that promote youth employment in Italy through social enterprise activities.


The selected organisations were able to benefit from an economic contribution (equating to € 42,500), but also an incubation and mentoring course for the entire duration of the project, formulated in collaboration with the Make a Cube incubator, to help them to better position themselves in key markets.


The UniCredit Carta E Announcement also sees the collaboration of the Fondazione Italiana Accenture, as a technical partner, which has created the digital platform ideaTRE60 through which the call for tenders and the collection of applications is managed.

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10 winning projects, divided among the 7 regional areas of UniCredit operations in Italy, which aim to create employment for youngsters aged between 18 and 29 within the framework of a sustained business project, and are able to develop actions, infra-structures and networks that can
strengthen their scalability, for example with actions aimed at formalising/developing social enterprise or social franchising networks.
Given the “business challenges” that organisations face, the course offered by Make a Cube proves particularly important, as it is in three phases:

  1. the “pre-incubation” phase saw the 20 pre-selected projects work on their business proposals, to sharpen them and correct any weaknesses and turn them into business cases to present to the selection committee, and to understand the geographical context in which to develop the activity, in a durable and sustainable manner;
  2. from these 20 organisations, the 10 selected by the jury went on to participate in the “incubation” phase, six months of backing to get the companies up and running;
  3. lastly, once the activity is launched on the market, a “follow up” phase is offered, to help with any repositioning of the business plan in effect.
Accademia sociale dell'orecchietta - Associazione Kreattiva

BARI - Accademia sociale dell’orecchietta is a social enterprise aimed at creating valid jobs for people at risk of social exclusion: through the preparation of an “Ape car” for the sale of tasty dishes based on orecchiette from Bari.
Thanks to the collaboration of partner “Agevolando”, the youngsters will be trained in managing and administering a sales point and will work alongside professional chefs. The final result will be the foundation of a social franchising.

Centro Servizi Welfare - Consorzio Sol.Co.

VERONA - Sol.Co. Verona is a consortium of social cooperatives that promote actions of social transformation that can benefit the community, employment and the economy. In launching its Centro Servizi Welfare start-up, Sol.Co. Verona plans to create a welfare ecosystem by which, thanks to the provision of company welfare services, it will be possible to achieve company sustainability but also formulate a management and organisational model that gives back to the area and community, with services, jobs and widespread well-being. Job opportunities will be offered to NEET youngsters, giving them the possibility to gain professional experience and ensuring their ongoing support, monitoring and

CSI Academy - Centro Sportivo Italiano (CSI)

ROME - The Centro Sportivo Italiano is a non-profit association, run by volunteers, that promotes sport as an opportunity for education, growth, dedication and social aggregation. The project envisages the development of training courses for at least 50 under-30s in sport and social promotion to prepare the youngsters as Social/Sports Promoters: these figures will be able to contribute to the development of services in their area, and build relationships with both institutional players and individuals who are at risk of marginalisation and deviant behaviour. At the end of the first year of activity, five of the young participants on the training courses will be appointed by the National Presidency to work within the association’s network.

Curcuma&Cannella - Soc. Coop. Soc. Libera...mente

PALERMO - Curcuma & Cannella aims to encourage social/cultural interaction between receiving cultures and immigrant cultures and the emancipation of young migrants through culinary experimentation.
To do so, it will train 5 young foreigners and then employ them in a multi-ethnic restaurant to be opened in Palermo’s historic centre. The project will initially be implemented by a partnership for the launch and management of the start-up planning phase (36 months). Once this phase concludes, the youngsters will become part of the social cooperative, taking on jobs relating to the direct management of the restaurant.

Lo studio che dà lavoro - Cooperativa Sociale Casa dello Studente

BERGAMO - Casa dello Studente is created as an educational training aid for children of school age. It involves direct intervention with youngsters and their surroundings, including their families, friendships and social network present in the area.
The project foresees the opening of five school points across the city of Bergamo, where children of primary and secondary school age can receive scholastic support organised by subject, in accordance with the revision protocol set out by Casa dello Studente. The tutors providing youngsters with support will be young unemployed people from the area trained by Casa dello Studente.

MMC MediMovieCare - Associazione Medicinema Italia Onlus

MILAN - MediCinema Italia is an Italian non-profit created in 2013 and inspired by the experience of MediCinema UK, a charity active in Great Britain since 1996. The aim of the association is to implement social and healthcare activity to contribute to the support of patient pain “relief therapy” with the creation of Citizens’ Treatment Centres. The Citizens’ Treatment Centres, known as MediMovieCare (MMC), will be used as therapy spaces (with a dedicated schedule of cinema screenings depending on the different clinical pathologies) and will be able to accommodate up to 50 people. The MMC model will be that of a socialfranchising.

Needo - Needo Cooperativa Sociale

MODENA - Needo is the first on-demand nursery to embrace the theme of company welfare and work-life balance, by offering a complete package of services. The project focuses on the creation of a prototype nursery structure, made from reconverted shipping containers, to be presented during a launch event. The Needo/Playroom will then be ready for its first customers. The containers will be transformed into modules in which children can be accommodated and taught, the structure certified in accordance with current laws, will ensure children’s safety and comfort.

Albergo Etico project- Download Soc. Coop. Soc.
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ROME -The Albergo Etico project was created thanks to the intuition of a group of young professionals who saw how hospitality could serve as an important development engine for people with disabilities.
The project encourages the work placement of people with intellectual disabilities. The Albergo Etico already manages a 3 stars hotel in the historic centre of Asti; the aim of this project is to create an Academy, a training and personal autonomy centre at the Albergo Etico in Rome, for approximately 50 people with intellectual disabilities.

Spes Convivio - Gruppo Spes (Società Cooperativa Sociale Impresa Sociale)
28 - Copy

TURIN - Spes Convivio offers a catering, canteen and HORECA (Hotel-Restaurant-Café) distribution service and aims to create job opportunities. From the cultivation of food products, to the redistribution of what is unsold, Spes Convivio pays ethical and social attention to every phase of the process, to ensure that the end consumer benefits from a high-level product thanks to 0 km cultivation and processing supervised by an experienced chef, who helps to train the youngsters following the training course.

Vivere e Lavorare nel Parco - Cooperativa Agricola Frantoio del Parco
Frantoio del Parco 2

GROSSETO - The aim of “Vivere e lavorare nel Parco” is to recover centuries-old olive trees in the Parco Naturale della Maremma (GR) and get them back into production, guaranteeing new job opportunities that are fairly paid and contract-based for youngsters and people belonging to disadvantaged categories. The aim is to promote initiatives that can increase the opportunity to use a high-quality oil of high social value, produced using sustainable methods and with a certified, traceable and transparent production chain, from field to table.



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