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The winners of the Call for the Regions Carta E 2019


The winners of the “Call for the Regions – Carta E 2019” have been selected. The Call has been promoted by UniCredit Foundation and focuses on supporting projects for children.


The 7 regions (North West, Lombardy, North East, Centre North, Centre, South and Sicily) , UniCredit territorial organisation structures  that manage the banking relationship at local level,  played a crucial role in the project’s success. The regions were asked to select a project short list. Then UniCredit Foundation, assisted by a dedicated panel of experts, chose three initiatives per region, awarded one of them with a prize of 30 thousand euros and the other two with two prizes of 10 thousand euros.


The regions assessed the needs of local communities and proposed a number of projects focused on children and adolescents (up to 18 years) to UniCredit Foundation to participate in the final selection phase. An essential requirement was that the Onlus proponent was established before 31December 2017. The panel of experts gave precedence to projects related to the social priorities of local communities that had a positive impact in the medium and long-term.


The winning projects included initiatives for the "humanisation" of pediatric wards, to support for disabled children,  children in vulnerable situations and the promotion of a conscious use of new technologies.


Once again, this project was made possible thanks to UniCredit Carta E. The credit card that makes an ethical contribution launched by UniCredit in 2005.  Through its particular mechanism, UniCredit donates part of its commission - equal to 2% of each purchase made with the card, which goes to social initiatives supported by UniCredit at national level. Thanks to these resources, UniCredit Group has so far allocated approximately € 14 million to charity funds and financed over 370 social solidarity projects at local and national level.


In the coming months, UniCredit Foundation will work on extending this approach to the entire international scope of the Group, with new initiatives for children.


For further  information contact UniCredit Foundation at the following email:


Società per gli asili notturni Umberto I


The "Bambini ri-denti" (an Italian pun: between teeth (denti) and laughing (ridenti) project aims to buy new equipment for the social dentistry clinic for people in difficulty; in particular, the project is intended to increase the benefits offered to foster children (450 in 2018) by 10% in 2020. The clinic also provides orthodontic correction devices. The service is totally free.

Fondazione Ospedale Infantile Regina Margherita Onlus


The "Terapia assistita con gli animali in bambini vittime di abuso at “Ambulatorio Bambini dell'Ospedale Regina Margherita" project is designed to take care of 40 children - victims of abuse/mistreatment by a team composed of a project manager, two referents, a psychologist, a dog assistant, a veterinarian and some dogs. It offers 80 hours of assisted therapy with animals and 360 hours of psychological evaluation.

Associazione CRESC.I Onlus


The "L'acquario in pediatria" artistic project for the transformation of the pediatric ward of the San Paolo hospital in Savona helps to make the environment more welcoming for young patients. A table in the shape of a sailing ship will be made, with 6 chairs and "underwater world" themed walls.


Bambini Senza Sbarre


The "Papà senza sbarre, parliamone" project includes two specific actions in the Bollate and Opera prisons and one in schools to reach the children of prisoners, outside prison in a school environment. The goal is to protect the rights of children with imprisoned parents, especially in terms of equal opportunities and reaction to the traumatic event and related negative consequences.

Naga Onlus


The "Un pediatra per tutti. Progetto per migliorare l’accesso alle cure per i minori stranieri" project aims to guarantee the right to healthcare for children of foreign citizens without a residence permit or without medical coverage by helping them to get access, information and care from health services.

Comitato Maria Letizia Verga


The "Residence Maria Letizia Verga" project aims to support the residence for sick children in the protected hospital discharge scheme and helps them to live near the hospital with their parents,in a calm, safe and comfortable environment. In cases of bone marrow transplant, proximity to the hospital is a critical factor for successful treatment.


Fondazione Città della Speranza Onlus


The "Servizio di psico-oncologia in oncoematologia pediatrica" project for patients and families at the day-hospital of the Pediatric Oncohematology Clinic of Padua. It offers them constant and targeted psychological support throughout the various phases of illness and in off-therapy, through the recruitment of a psycho-oncologist in the day-hospital ward from Monday to Friday for six hours a day.

LILT - Lega Italiana Lotta Tumori


The "Giocare in corsia" project includes an entertainment and game service for the young patients of the pediatric wards of the Treviso and Conegliano hospitals, with workshops and activities in the ward for children suffering from oncological diseases; such as the "biscuit factory in pyjamas”.

Carovana Soc. Coop. Soc.


The "Ci Sto? Affare Fatica!" project is an initiative that involves 200 children, in groups of around ten adolescents aged 14 to 19 years. Each group has a young volunteer (tutor) and some adult volunteers (handymen with technical and artisan skills) who carry out a voluntary community activity with the children every morning from Monday to Friday.


Progetto Arcobaleno Onlus


The "Vengo anch’io! Azioni per il supporto e il coinvolgimento attivo di minori in situazione di fragilità sociale e a rischio di drop out" project aims to support informal coaching programmes for children and adolescents in situations of social fragility to prevent them dropping out of school, to keep/reintegrate them into structured educational courses and to make aware of services and opportunities offered by the territory.

TICE Coop. Soc


The "CiciarAPP" project is designed to help the elderly living alone and adolescents with special educational needs who often do not have activities to keep them occupied in the afternoons after school. It offers to train young people, already users of Tice services, to chat with the elderly in their local community who spend a lot of time alone.

Fiore Verde Soc. Coop. Soc.


The "Tra materia e digitale" project aims to support girls and children 0-3 years (and their parents) in the use of new technologies and to understand their potential, by setting up immersive courses in which to gain direct experience and further develop their technical knowledge.


Tutti giù per terra Onlus


The "Digitalizziamoci: la comunicazione a servizio di autonomia e inclusione" project aims to improve the communication skills of 36 children on the autism spectrum going from an analogical use of Alternative Augmentative Communication (textual and paper-based visual tools) to digital, acquiring new IT equipment (tablet and latest-generation communication software).

Associazione AMA CEPRANO


The "I colori della vita: incontrare e comprendere il disagio giovanile, promuovere la qualità della vita" project aims to provide information and training courses for educators (teachers and parents) on the recognition of symptoms of crisis and adolescent illness to prevent attempts or suicidal instincts and help them rediscover life.

Associazione Genitori Arcobaleno


The "Nuoto anch’io”  aqua-city project is a start-up for children and adolescents with severe disabilities. A swim is normally synonymous with pleasure and relaxation, but for a disabled person, it has particular value and, with the help of a specialised trainer, encourages well-being.


Associazione S.O.S.

Sostenitori Ospedale Santobono Onlus


The "Sogni d'oro - Umanizzazione pittorica" project offers a cheerful, colourful and adequately lit environment in the paediatric neuro-surgery and neuro-oncology department of the Santobono hospital, the most important hospital for children and adolescents in Southern Italy.



#tu6scuola is a project implemented in 6 schools in 6 different cities with children most at risk of dropping out of school. It is heavily involved with the Manzoni Lucarelli Institute, located in one of Bari's most difficult areas. It proposes an educational model that strengthens the motivation to learn and develop a sense of belonging to the school, creating innovative and interactive workshops, educational activities and a network between the school and the community

Fondazione Soleterre - Strategie di pace Onlus


The "Avvio del sostegno psicologico nel reparto di oncologia pediatrica dell'Ospedale di Tarantoproject offers first class treatment to the families of the area, reducing forms of social inequality brought on families by health migration..


Centro di Accoglienza Padre Nostro Onlus


In the Brancaccio district, the association founded by the blessed Padre Puglisi continues the redevelopment of the territory by restructuring the playground of the Multipurpose Sports Centre to promote the social inclusion of minors and to allow them to participate in the life of the city.

LAD Onlus


The "LADoro" project originates from the experience developed by the "L'Albero dei Desideri Onlus" association at the Pediatric Hematoncology Operative Unit of the Catania Polyclinic, aimed at supporting children with cancer and their families during the diagnosis and treatment process. The project involves the construction of a multi-purpose facility in which activities will be carried out for external users.

Talita Kum


The project provides support to the Quattro Canti multi-ethnic Orchestra, composed of children and young people trained through the Abreu method. Some of the children, aged 16-18, are involved, with the help of adult volunteers, in a peer-education initiative aimed at children aged 7-10 years. The goal is to support and develop learning skills so as to improve relational and interpersonal skills.