Advocacy and Social Inclusion

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In the complex and challenging circumstances we currently find ourselves, UniCredit Foundation is paying special attention to reinforcing policies intended to encourage social cohesion. In response to processes tending to isolate the weaker individuals and groups within our communities, we need to take effective action to encourage inclusion, recognising individuals' rights to play a full role in society.
The work done by the Foundation focuses in particular on initiatives and projects that (1) are intended to improve standards of access to social services for individuals and families, (2) reinforce the rights required to ensure participation in the labour market, in particular by creating new job opportunities, and (3) establish the conditions required to ensure the integration of individuals who are particularly vulnerable on account of disadvantaged circumstances (physical, social or economic).
The social groups at greatest risk that are targeted by UniCredit Foundation actions include young people, children, the elderly and immigrants.
Bearing in mind the different local contexts and with a view to ensuring sustainability and long-term development, our work includes raising local awareness, providing support and networking.

The red bookmarks on the map below identify the areas in which we are active.