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Again in 2017-2018, UniCredit Foundation confirmed its support for the activities of JOBLINGE, actively supported through numerous large German partner companies, including HypoVereinsbank (HVB), whose employees are involved as mentors. Cooperation between UniCredit Foundation and JOBLINGE began in 2012 and is now quite solid.


The organisation operates through a social franchising system: the umbrella organisation (headquarters) allows local offices to make use of the brand and the operating model. These offices are located throughout Germany, in geographic areas identified by analysis of the concrete needs of the zone. Thanks to support from UniCredit Foundation, three offices have been inaugurated over the years (Hamburg, Stuttgart and Darmstadt) of the 26 currently active, which employ around 130 JOBLINGE employees.


Between 2017 and 2018 UniCredit Foundation has set itself the objective of renewing its support, paying particular attention to strengthening employee expertise and disseminating best practices within the network. In addition to the work done by the organisation's staff, a large number of volunteers mobilised through JOBLINGE's partner companies serve as mentors, sharing their life and work experiences with the young people.


The employees of HVB also serve as mentors and are involved in the Kompass project, dedicated to young refugees, including as language teachers. A number of workshops are also held at HVB offices, which has been able to mobilise the largest number of mentors of JOBLINGE's partner companies - around 200 employees since cooperation began between the German bank and the organisation, in 2011. The duration of each mentoring process is generally around 6 months. During this period, the young people work with employees of the organisation, with trainers, mentors and volunteer coaches. Additionally, participants continue to be supported for another 6/10 months after they complete the program, during the delicate transition into the world of work. The numbers confirm the effectiveness of the model. Starting in 2008 over 5,700 people have been involved in the program. On average 73% find work once the program is completed, and 80% are still working six months after they leave the program (sustainability rate).


With its program to bring people into the world of work, JOBLINGE combines a wide array of training and support activities in order to offer participants the opportunity to put themselves to the test thanks to training and internships, with the objective of identifying their natural skills and capacities to help in future job searches. It is estimated that thanks to actions like JOBLINGE, for every stable job kept for at least 10 years, German welfare will save up to € 117,000 - for example through subsidies not paid, as the HessenChemie study carried out for JOBLINGE in 2015 demonstrated.  .  

Photo Ulrike Garanin

Ulrike Garanin, Director, Joblinge!

"By supporting the training program for our workers, UniCredit Foundation has made a decisive contribution to JOBLINGE’s main objectives. In this way, every year we are able to continue to improve the quality of our services".