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rest cent


The “Rest-Cent Initiative” Program enables UniCredit employees to donate  the cents part of their salary to non-profit organisations each month.


This initiative, which has been active since 2012, was confirmed for 2018. At the moment, it only involves employees of Hypo-Vereinsbank (HVB) who work in Germany.


The Foundation doubled the funds raised by employees, making a total amount of € 12.328 each.


The funds raised were allocated to two non-profit organisations identified in collaboration with Phineo, an expert

philanthropy advisory company. They were chosen by employees through an online voting system - Your Choice, Your Project.





brotZeit e.V.

This organisation aims to provide a balanced breakfast for primary school children every day. It was created following the observation that one in three children in Germany goes to school without eating breakfast. 175 schools have joined the initiative, offering a balanced buffet half an hour before classes start, prepared by elderly volunteers.

IMPULS Deutschland Stiftung e.V.

Through the HIPPY Program, this organisation promotes closeness and interaction between parents and children, strengthening family ties and relationships. Using materials made   available for the programme and by participating in specific role-playing games, parents and children are accompanied, at home, in the development of key skills for learning reading, writing and arithmetic.