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The Rest-Cent-Initiative allows Hypo-Vereinsbank (HVB) employees in Germany to decide to make a monthly donation of a given percentage of their net salary to non profit organisations operating in the country. They have an active role and - on the basis of a preliminary selection made by HVB with the help of Phineo philanthropic advisory experts - choose the beneficiaries by means of the online voting mechanism “Your Choice, Your Project”. The total amount raised during the year is then doubled by the UniCredit Foundation.


In 2017 the two associations that received the donations were:

  • Spielmobil Falkenflitzer – Verein zur Förderung der Jugendarbeit e.V. Based in Hamburg, it provides care for children and adolescents taken into dedicated structures for refugees in the periphery of the city. A colourful bus moves throughout the area, inviting them to participate in recreational activities like playing, singing and creative manual work.
  • Internationaler Bund e.V. – Jugendhilfe & Migration. In Munich, IB helps non-accompanied female refugee minors in Germany. The association manages five residential and care structures, where girls between 12 and 18 years of age are supported by a team of female assistants. The objective is to help the guests from both a pedagogical and professional standpoint. 


Lobbert Rest Cent 43

Stefan Löbbert, Head of Corporate Sustainability, HVB

“For years, HVB and UniCredit Foundation have had a very fruitful cooperation and promoted corporate citizenship activities. In this context we support HVB volunteers in territories. We promote such a social commitment within HVB, from which all - employees, the bank and society - benefit.”