We for the Region Award

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In 2017, UniCredit Foundation supported the second edition of the initiative We for the Region Award, in cooperation with HVB. Through the Award, UniCredit Foundation and HVB assigned three grants to three volunteer projects involving HVB employees at non-profit organisations active in Germany.


In 2016 2,093 HVB employees expressed their preferences by voting online, and in the second edition the number of votes rose to 2,262. First prize went to Inklusion durch Förderung und Betreuung e.V. which supports sick and disabled children and adolescents. Second prize was awarded to Schweinfurter Kindertafel e.V., which provides healthy bag lunches for distribution in the primary and secondary schools and nursery schools of Schweinfurt. Finally, Aktivspielplatz am Wöhrder See received third prize. It runs a day centre where children and teenagers between 6 and 14 years can spend their afternoons, playing, doing artisan work or climbing.