Gift Matching Program

Proposed for the first time in 2003, the year in which UniCredit Foundation was established, the Gift Matching Program is the initiative through which the Foundation supports employees in their approach towards philanthropy, following the tradition of the best Anglo-Saxon corporate foundations.


The mechanism is simple: groups of employees make a donation to a non-profit organization of their choice. UniCredit Foundation, in accordance with the funds allocated to the project, matches such donations with an amount equal to the amount determined by the employees.


This is a program aimed at enhancing the first hand involvement and initiative of the employees, who in this way can actively contribute to solidarity projects proposed by themselves.


The Gift Matching Program is based on a set of regulations, which are at all the colleagues’ disposal, to grant equity and transparency. Program results are included in the Foundation's annual report.


The projects supported by the Gift Matching Program are collected in the yearly pubblication Our Joint Efforts

The 2017 Edition

In 2017, over 9,100 donations were logged, bringing the total amount raised to around €2 million, to be used to benefit 342 projects.


UniCredit Foundation and the Group's employees have supported in excess of 5000 projects since 2003 – with a staggering €47 million donated in total.

The Projects

In the map here belowit's possible to check the projects supported in the last years, listed basing on the nationalities of the group of donors that choose them

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