Philanthropy Advisory

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UniCredit Foundation serves as a centre of expertise for UniCredit for issues related to business philanthropy and non-profits. The projects developed and promoted by the Foundation have a double value, first providing an
opportunity to improve UniCredit’s reputation, while also offering targeted commercial responses to this market segment (erogative non-profit and productive non-profit).
Thanks to an array of solid skills and multi-year experience in the field, the Foundation offers consulting and organizes activities in agreement with the Country Chairmen of UniCredit to reinforce its positive image and
the perceptions of the communities in question, while also developing the services and products that the bank provides the Third Sector, combining the business and philanthropy sectors in synergy.

The areas of activity for the centre of expertise are:
Philanthropy Advisory: collaboration with the various structures of UniCredit to provide assistance and consulting for clients who want to create activities in
the non-profit sector, combined with management of social projects that use funds from other Group legal entities or divisions;

Research: analysis and study of the roles, values, and importance of the Third Sector in various countries, with the involvement of certified research institutions and centers.

A coordination role in the face of grave humanitarian crises goes alongside these activities, occasions in which UniCredit Foundation is called on to organize and manage the Group’s solidarity initiatives, planning the most effective ways to intervene and provide aid.