Bando “Fondo Gianesini”

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Bando Fondo Gianesini

In 2017, the study/research scholarships provided by the Fondo Gianesini reached their fourth edition, established thanks to a donation made by a private citizen of Verona, in cooperation with UniCredit Foundation and the University of Verona.


The objective is to finance four recent graduates of higher education for a further experience abroad (study or research), in the fields of economics and medicine.


Two of the scholarships, with a value of € 25,000 each, are destined for the Department of Economic Science, while another two go to the School of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Verona (with one reserved for new graduates and another for doctors/specialists). Last 12 December the winners were announced, after being selected by a Commission nominated by the University, and an external member nominated by UniCredit Foundation. Elisabetta Longo and Vincenzo Prete received the scholarships from the Department of Economic Science. Anna Reni and Shahbaz Khan received the scholarships from the School of Medicine and Surgery.


"In 2017," commented Nicola Sartor, the President of the University of Verona, "we have reached the fourth time the research scholarship has been awarded by the Fondo Gianesini, benefiting four new graduates of our school. Being able to count on this generous support is invaluable for us, being able to count on its continuation is even more useful, because it allows us to plan out research activity with an eye to the future. We are grateful for this gesture of trust relative to our young people and to scientific research. We will work hard to achieve the best possible results." "