“Fondo Gianesini” grant

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Thanks to its activity as a centre of expertise for non-profit and philanthropy, UniCredit Foundation has been involved in the creation and in the activities of the Fondo Gianesini over the years.


The Philanthropy Advisory activity has developed over the years, to advise and assist stakeholders, in particular customers, in defining their philanthropic portfolio based on individual needs and sensibilities.
One of the successful initiatives in this area was the establishment of the Fondo Gianesini, set up with the generous support of a philanthropist from Verona and managed by the Foundation itself (the DAF activity - Donor Advised Fund), which is part of the long-standing collaboration between the University of Verona and UniCredit Foundation.

Thanks to the establishment of this Fund, UniCredit Foundation has launched the “Fondo Gianesini” grant each year since 2014, in collaboration with the University of Verona.


Four Scholarships worth € 25,000 each are awarded - two to the Department of Economics and two to the School of Medicine and Surgery - for graduates, PhD students, PhDs or medical specialists to further their study or research
All applicants present a research project to be carried out abroad, lasting  between 9 and 12 months. They are examined by a Commission comprising of two members of the University and a member of the UniCredit Foundation.


5 scholarships were awarded in 2018 (following the renunciation of one of the
winners from the previous year) and went to:

Francesco Pascucci, Mirco Monfardini and Jacopo Morabito, for the Department of Economics
Anna Brunelli and Laura Iogna Prat, for the School of Medicine and Surgery