Marco Fanno Association

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The Marco Fanno Association was established in 1993, thirty years after Professor Giannino Parravicini, then Chairman of Mediocredito, started a scholarship programme of specialisation in economics and finance to study at the most prestigious foreign universities.

The general aim of the Association, chaired by Professor Giorgio Barba Navaretti is to promote academic studies and scientific research in economics and finance, to maintain and promote contacts between members, to contribute to the development of cultural exchanges with institutions with similar purposes and to propose scientific and cultural initiatives in the field of economics and finance.

The Association brings together all those who, over the years, have won, a scholarship launched by Mediocredito Centrale first and UniCredit Foundation later.

Among the ex-Fellows, the Association includes very important academics and finance managers, such as: Mario DraghiHonorary Chairman of the Association,  Michele Salvati, Ignazio Visco, Alessandro Penati, Gabriele Galateri, Claudio Dematté, Giorgio Barba Navaretti, Marco Pagano, Pietro Modiano and many others.


On 18 July 2012, the Marco Fanno Association signed a collaboration agreement with UniCredit & Universities Foundation with the main purpose of continuing the long tradition of supporting the best students by launching scholarships named after distinguished economist Marco Fanno.


With the merger between UniCredit & Universities and UniCredit Foundation, the Foundation has taken responsibility for ensuring continuity in this important collaboration launched in 2012.


Thanks to this agreement, the Marco Fanno Association, can also meet among its Alumni all past winners of the scholarships and fellowships launched by UniCredit & Universities and now by UniCredit Foundation. The Association currently has around 400 members.


The new calls for Study and Research are open. See more


Board of director


Giargio Barba Navaretti  - Chairman

Carmine di Noia - Vice Chairman

Lucrezia Reichlin - Member

Michele Salvati - Member

Marco Spallone - Member


Board of auditors

Giorgio Loli



Segretario generale

Giannantonio De Roni