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9th edition - 2019

  • Giulia Giupponi with the paper "When Income Effects are Large: Labor Supply Responses and the Value of Welfare Transfers"
  • Hanno Foerster with the paper "The Impact of Post-Marital Maintenance on Dynamic Decisions and Welfare of Couples"

8TH EDITION - 2018

  • Anke Becker with the paper “On the Origins of Son Preference and Female Genital Cutting”
  • Gozde Corekcioglu with the paper “Headscarves and Female Employment”


7TH EDITION - 2017

  • Daniela Piazzalunga with the paper "Till Money Us Do Part: Property Division at Divorce and Married Couples' Time Behaviour"
  • Annalisa Frigo and Eric Roca with the  paper "Now She Is Martha, then She Is Mary": the Influence of Beguinages on Attitudes Toward Women"


6TH EDITION - 2016

  • Rossella Calvi with the paper " Why Are Older Women Missing in India? The Age Profile of Bargaining Power and Poverty "
  • Felix Weinhardt and Richard Murphy with the paper  “Top of the Class: The Importance of Ordinal Rank”


5TH EDITION - 2015

  • Maria Flavia Harari with the paper “Women's Inheritance Rights and Bargaining Power: Evidence from Kenya”
  • Anna Raute with the paper “Do financial incentives affect fertility – Evidence from a reform in maternity leave benefits”


4TH EDITION - 2014

  • Selim Gulesci and Erik Meyersson with the paper "For the Love of the Republic. Education, Secularism, and Empowerment"
  • Cezar Santos and David Weiss with the paper "Why Not Settle Down Already? A Quantitative Analysis of the Delay in Marriage"


3RD EDITION - 2013

  • Anja Prummer and Ilse Lindenlaub with the paper “More versus Closer Friends: How Gender Shapes Social Networks and their Effects on Performance”
  • Alessandra Voena with the paper ”Yours, Mine and Ours: Do Divorce Laws Affect the Intertemporal Behavior of Married Couples?”


2ND EDITION - 2012

  • Zoe Kuehn and Eva Garcia-Moran with the paper “With Strings Attached: Grandparent-Provided Child care, Fertility, and Female Labor Market Outcomes”
  • Marta Favara with the paper “The Cost of Acting "Girly"”


1ST EDITION - 2011

  • Pamela Campa with the paper “Gender Quotas, Female Politicians and Public Expenditures: Quasi-Experimental Evidence”
  • Chiara Pronzato with the paper “An examination of paternal and maternal intergenerational transmission of schooling”
  • Michelle Rendall with the paper “Rise of the Service Sector and Female Market Work: Europe vs US”


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