1^ Edition Marco Fanno Fellowship

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31 October 2018 - It’s OPEN the 1st Marco Fanno Fellowship competition, addressed to any top Economics and finance department of an Italian public university.


With this contest the Foundation offers one 3-year fellowship in economic and finance to a top department of an Italian public university offering a tenure track Assistant Professorship (RTDB). The winning department must appoint the Assistant Professor designated as recipient of the fellowship by December 31, 2019.


The main objective of these 3-year fellowships is to help Italian public universities to attract and retain outstanding young economists by offering them a compensation comparable to international standards.


The  Marco Fanno fellowship will last three years, covering the period of the tenure track RTDB Assistant Professorship. It amounts to € 45,000, gross of taxes. The Foundation will pay the fellowship directly to the Assistant Professor designated by the winning department, in three annual installments (€15,000 per year).


Submission deadline: 31 December 2018


For more information download the announcement

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