Storie di straordinaria filantropia

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Storie di straordinaria filantropia by Maurizio Carrara and Stefano Arduini (published by Il Sole 24 Ore, 2011)


Ferdinando Bocconi, Giovanni Meyer, Francesco Rizzoli, Carlo Erba, Vittorio Cini, Gerolamo Gaslini, Adriano Olivetti, Aristide Merloni, Mario Negri, Virgilio Floriani: the names of these men are closely interlinked with the signature institutions of our social and education systems and of our corporate community yet, for the most part, not enough is known of their personal histories. Brilliant leading figures, successful entrepreneurs, often of difficult character, they were doubtless the protagonists of their time and, above all, philanthropists who were capable of doing good for the benefit of future generations.


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